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Welcome to 2024!!  
The Cumberland Farm
ers Market
is excited to be planning
and preparing for our 2024 Season.

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10km East of Place d'Orléans in between Orléans and Rockland.

Accessible from either highway 174, St Joseph Blvd., Old Montréal Rd or Innes Rd.

10km East of Orléans or 10 km West of Rockland.

20 minutes North of Highway 417.

Our Seasonal FARMERS
and Agricultural Vendors for 2024 

Clairoux Gardens
Rochon Gardens
Arch Lea Farms
Covenant Springs Farm
Dunrobin Distilleries
Ferme Rêveuse
Good Food Garden
Russel Farm Market
Sweets & Savoury
Poppa Bean Coffee
Backyard Blooms Cumberland
Zuzu's Petals
Winchester Springs Apiary
Healing Gardens - Herbalist 
Jenovic farms 
Wilmead Farms
Ferme Lun du Matin
Erabliere Julis
Ferme Proulx Farm
Ilias and Sons
The Cluck House
Shrubs and Perennials
Vignoble Clos du Vully
Lost Donkey Farms
Salty's Sugarbush
Haico's Hot Sauce 
Little Flower Creations
Savons Koaino Soaps
The Pepper Mustache
Stephanies Jardins


The Cumberland Farmers' Market (CFM) was created based on the understanding that regular interactions between neighbours, service groups and local businesses enhances community spirit and strengthens the bonds between local residents.  The market was started as a pilot project in the summer of 2006, and has since become a welcome addition to the life of our community.

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