To Friends of the Cumberland Farmers’ Market,


It's official! We're opening on Saturday, August 1 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m..

The last market for the regular season will be held on October 10th. 

Please open the "Special Events" page for the details.

We have introduced some changes to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe while enjoying the great selection offered by your favorite vendors. 

So that you can easily see which vendors will be at each upcoming market we have placed a sun symbol on each corresponding picture on the "Market Products" pages. 

Tell your family and friends and come and support your local businesses who will be selling everything from fresh vegetable and fruits, to locally prepared meats, foods, breads and sweets and also unique crafts and artisanal goods


Thank you,

Your Market Team


The Cumberland Farmers' Market features a variety of local area producers, bringing you fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, specialty foods, homemade treats and a variety of artisan goods on a weekly basis.


The Cumberland Farmers' Market (CFM) was created based on the understanding that regular interactions between neighbours, service groups and local businesses enhances community spirit and strengthens the bonds between local residents.  The market was started as a pilot project in the summer of 2006, and has since become a welcome addition to the life of our community.


1115 Dunning Road, R.J. Kennedy Community Centre, Cumberland Arena

10km East of Place d'Orléans in between Orléans and Rockland.

Accessible from either highway 174, St Joseph Blvd., Old Montréal Rd or Innes Rd.

10km East of Orléans or 10 km West of Rockland.

20 minutes North of Highway 417.

Come join us at Cumberland Market Cafe

This year, due to the pandemic, we will not be opening the market cafe. 

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Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Cumberland Farmers Market has been happily serving the community for 13 years.