Prepared Foods

On the Bend Sugar Shack
Passionate producers of lamb, veal, pork and beef, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of local products. Since 2011, our selection has expanded to provide you with dairy products made from our ewes’ milk (cheese, yogurt and caramel).
Mexican tamales, Mexican chocolate and small pieces of Mexican homemade sweet bread.
Bearbrook Game Meats
Game Meat: Sausage, Salami, Pepperettes, Burgers, Tourtière, Cipaille, Pepperoni, Meat Loaf, Bacon, Eggs
Hardwood Estates Vineyard
Award-winning Ontario wines.
Oh Miel!
Oh Miel honey is the perfect ingredient to help sweeten any moment of your day.
Heavenly Honey
Regular and Flavoured in various sizes and formats, Bees wax candles.
Jambel Cuisine
Jerk sauce, Jamaican fish/meat marinade, Jamaican patties (homemade, 3 in a box), Belgian Waffles (regular, chocolate chip, buckwheat), Ham/Bacon Quiche
Rotis and Rolls
Some of the best Sri Lankan food in town! Rotis, rolls, samosas and many more!

Phone: 613-834-0808
Poppa Bean
Fresh ground coffees from around the world.
Ilias and Son
Based in Ottawa Canada, we specialize in producing organic non-gmo olive based products. Cold Pressed Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Olive Varieties, including Kalamata, Balsamics, Erbs and Castile Soaps.

Phone: 613 291 9402
Lambros Olive Oil
Amazing extra virgin olive oil from the family olive grove in the Kalamata Region of Greece.
On the Bend Sugar Shack
Supatra Thai
Lucie's Gourmet
Lucie's Gourmet is a local company that offers you products to simplify your daily life, while being oriented towards your health and well-being. Dry soup and side dish mixes as well as wooden service boards are available.

Phone: 1-800-562-6105
Lebanese Cuisine
Turkish Street Food and Crepes
North Jerky
Jack's Fudge
Mi Cocina
Mi Cocina is a manufacturer of Mexican style salsas and corn chips. We give our customers the opportunity to enhance their meals, creating a delicious and wonderful dish.

Phone: 613 571 5144
Soaked, spiced and dehydrated nuts. Unpasteurized almonds from Australia, certified organic walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, and cashews. Delicious and healthy!

Phone: (613) 741-1151
Chez Dodo
I have created the perfect spice mix to add to your Fattoush salad! If your salad is not mixed with Chez Dodo’s’s just a salad!

Phone: 613-290-2090
Les Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm
Les Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm is a family-oriented “U-Pick” or “We-Pick” blueberry/raspberry farm and apple/pear orchard. The farm is located in St.-Pascal Baylon at the site of the Villeneuve family’s 170-year-old farmstead.13 varieties of fruit wine is also produced at the farm and offered at markets.

Phone: 613.488.3077
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