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The Cumberland Farmers Market has a mandate to support local farmers and small businesses that produce products locally and are handmade artisanal products.  

We try to make certain that most products at our market are locally grown or locally/handmade.  And that these locally made products are being sold directly by the producers or by designated representatives who are familiar with the business operations and means of production.  NOT every single items at the market must be hand made, but the majority of any single vendors product line should reflect significant involvement in its production. 


Our YOUNG VENDORS booth provides local youth with the opportunity to share their passion for gardening/farming,  artisanal WORKS, creative products, baking,  or fundraising in such a way that encourages development and support. 

We require that the student be on site at the market date and that they are involved in the production or preparation of their product and at the market event. 

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