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La Ferme Albé

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Natural Lamb.  Various cuts, sausages, rosettes. Frozen, unless ordered otherwise.  



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The Ontario government wants to see more Ontario grown food on the tables of Ontario families. Learn more about OMAFRA's Ontario Farmers' Markets Strategy.
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Market Verification Program

The new farmers' market Verification Program will be dedicated to real farmers selling locally-grown products directly to you, the Ontario consumer. You will have our guarantee that the vendors are farmers and the food is fresh!
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Welcome to the Cumberland Farmers' Market

Fresh vegetables - August
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We are Closed for the Season!

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Saturday, June 11, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

about 10km East of Place d'Orléans in between Orléans and Rockland.
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You will find parking in the community centre's main parking lot and on the street along Dunning Rd.   

Cumberland Village:
Can be accessed from either highway 174, St Joseph Blvd. / Old Montréal Rd or Innes Rd.   We are about 10km East of Orléans and about 10 km West of Rockland.  The market is located about 20 minutes North of Highway 417. 

For more information:
Please visit our "Contact Us" section to find out how you can reach us.
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Vendor registration (2016):
Follow the link below or contact us for more information about joining the market. Click here.

Vendor registration:
Follow the link below or contact us for more information about joining the market.
Click here.

General inquiries can be directed to: 
Mathieu Blanchard (613-833-2635) or Debra Wyatt (613-833-0284)

Follow this link for more detailed contact information.